Savory Avocado

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Being a California girl, Avocados are  a staple.  While they can get expensive,  the creamy and soft fruit is hard to resist.  I am a fan of guacamole, but when I am on the go or am in need of a healthy snack the savory avocado fills the need.

Make sure the avocado is ripe.  Halve and pit the avocado.  Season it with garlic salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.  That is all you have to do other than eat it!

This is perfect when you are out of ingredients for guacamole or would prefer chunks of avocado in your taco or burrito.


Gourmet PB Bananawich

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Grilled PB Banana sandwiches….yummmm.

All you have to do is grill the bread in a little bit of butter.  Spread PB to the amount of your liking.  Add sliced bananas and finish it with honey.

Super easy and comforting.  I have a savory one too using a chili honey butter I learned for Padma Lakshmi’s cookbook.

Yellow Curry Stew + Jasmine or Basamati Rice

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Curry:  stew or gravy that contains multiple spices that melt into an aromatic flavor.

While I have yet to master making my own curry,  I have definitely enjoyed cooking this simple dish with Trader Joe’s yellow curry sauce that sells for about $2.80 per bottle.  Combine the purchase with Carrots, Potatoes, Yellow/Sweet onion, basil, rice, and chicken breast the total meal cost is around $8.00 and serves about 4 to 5 people.

$8.00 only gets you one dish at a fairly priced Thai or Indian restaurant, $2.00/meal or $8.00 a meal…your choice.

In case you chose to cook it yourself, the following is the road I take to make this dish.

Peel potatoes and carrots.  Make sure that potatoes are quarted/eighthed.  Carrots can remain chunky.  Boil potatoes and carrots until they are soft.

Meanwhile, heat olive oil in a pan over medium heat.  Slice onion while the oil is heating,  then cook the onions until they soften.  Once that happens add the chicken; I recommend buying chicken breasts that are cut in tenders.  They are a little more expensive than just buying a whole breast, but it saves a little bit of time.

Once the chicken is cooked combine it with potatoes and carrots.  Reserve a little bit of potato/carrot water.  Pour the curry over the chicken and veggies.  Use the reserved water to rinse out the curry stuck in the jar, so you make sure to use all of it.

Turn heat to low and let the dish simmer for about 25 minutes.

While this is simmering, cook the rice.  Instructions are definitely on the bag of rice purchased.  If you buy rice in bulk, just remember to rinse rice until the water is clear, and it is 1 part rice to  two parts of water.

Once rice is cooked, add basil to the chicken curry.  I’m sure you can take it from here….


P.S.  this probably will take about 35 minutes 🙂

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